6 weeks to Change your life – Food Journal

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As a personal trainer and nutrition coach I have noticed that most people have troubles usually with the same 6 problems. In my personal experience helping out with these 6 habits, although there are more, they can help with any goal, help you feel better, and lose some body fat.

I also feel it is important to share this information for free. I want to give high-quality information, that is essentially the basics of my coaching program. The fitness industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry. Most high-quality coaches charge hundreds of dollars an hour to give out this same exact information. Let me save you some money and follow along for things that can change your life.

6 weeks to Change Your Life Habits

  • Food Journal
  • Plan, Prioritize, Prepare
  • Hand Portioning
  • Lean Protein
  • Healthy Carbs
  • Fruits and Veggies

In the coming weeks, we will go more in-depth on the what, when, where, why, and how of it all. For today and the next week we are starting off with the food journal. This is the first habit I have all of my clients start with.

What is a Food Journal and What Method is the best?

A food journal is a method of tracking what you are eating. Just like most things, there are levels to it. If starting out go for a simple option. Although be it the most accurate way to predict and achieve weight loss by counting calories, is not ideal for beginners on their own. If you are not training for a show or preparing for a cover spread in GQ you don’t need that exact number to achieve success.

A food journal could be a sheet in your notes tracking when you ate, what you ate, and how it made you feel. It could be a submission into your favorite app. Lastly, it could be my personal favorite, a photo food journal(Phone eats first, am I right?).

How to use a food journal effectively

Whatever method you choose you have to keep in mind a few things.

  1. It has to be done consistently before or after your meal
  2. There has to be a review of what you ate either daily, or weekly
  3. Find accountability

Without those 3 points this process won’t be as impactful. If you can’t reliably track your intake it will be tougher to find habits that you really need to focus on. If you don’t have a method of review you can’t figure out paths forward. And if accountability is lacking, then none of the above things actually get done.

Why use a food journal

The reason I start with this is because it is data gathering. When first working with someone I want them to know a few things. What their general patterns are, meal times, and meal composition. The best way to get that understanding is with a food journal. I always tell clients too, I don’t want you to change anything for this habit you still get to eat as you normally would. The greatest thing is people start making better choices because now they’re aware of it. Change without effort is the sweetest thing in the world.

* I am not here to tell you what you have to eat. I am not a registered dietician. If you need meal plans, help with dietary restrictions, or have disordered eating habits they are the qualified individuals who can and will help you.*


A food journal is a super low effort way to start changing your eating habits. By just setting a system to gather data review it and hold yourself accountable you can start changing without trying. It can also help out your primary care team if issues with your health start arising as well.

As I mentioned earlier this is my way of giving out free nutrition coaching to make it accessible to everyone. If you do feel you need extra accountability reach out to a friend , or even one of our coaches. Follow along for next week where we are talking about our 3 P’s, Planning, Prioritizing, and Preparing.

As always we are here your guide on the side, My Fitness Guide.



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